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of hurricane sandy has left many residents without a place to vote. authorities are scrambling to respond to the situation, particularly in the city of new york, where the storm knocked out dozens of polling stations. new york mayor michael bloomberg says about 140,000 residents will have to find another polling station. more than 60 stations have suffered power outages and flooding. city officials are working to set up alternative sites. authorities in new jersey, another hard-hit area, are planning to use public buildings to allow voters to cast their ballots. hurricane sandy has killed 91 people across nine states. more than 1.8 million households remain without power. experts say providing shelter to the displaced is an urgent issue as they expect cold northwesterly winds to push temperatures down. >>> americans who are able to vote tuesday will judge the presidential candidates on a range of issues. one of them is their stance on china. some americans consider the world's second largest economy a threat. obama and romney have tried to reflect that sentiment, but as nhk world's susumu
circulating on twitter and other social networks in the wake of superstorm sandy. the federal emergency management agency set up the rumor control section on saturday. officials are working to dispel false information through its website and on an agency help line. according to one rumor, thieves wearing power company uniforms were at large on the street. another claimed that anyone who lost power could receive food stamps. such rumors circulated as restoration work got under way after sandy, which struck the u.s. east coast last week. false information also spread on social networks in japan in the days after last year's quake and tsunami disaster. >>> the remains of a pigeon that may have carried secrets in world war ii was discovered in england. the bird's skeleton was discovered at an old house in surrey began destroying the fireplace. a red capsule had been attached to one of the legs. it contained a thin piece of paper with 27 codes, each using combinations of five letters. british media reports say experts suspect the pigeon was a messenger for allied troops undertaking sabotage
by superstorm sandy will see another -- will see stormy conditions once again from tuesday night into your thursday. so further coastal erosion and coastal flooding are going to be a potential. and on top of that, again very cold air is blanketing much of the northeastern section of the continent. only 3 degrees in new york city. 2 in washington, d.c. and below freezing in toronto. temperatures will remain quite low. 9 degrees in washington. 8 degrees in new york city. and 4 in toronto. many people are still without electricity. so this is going to cause very critical situation. all right. moving into europe then. severe weather is happening across the baltic states. eastern europe as well as the balkan peninsula. and then on and off showers will continue across the southern half of the peninsula. temperatures looking like this. cooler than average in london. 8 degrees and same in berlin. here's extended forecast. >>> and that's all for this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks very much for joining us.
to do not go away. stay with us. >> welcome back. one week after hurricane sandy cause destruction, tens of thousands of people need temporary housing. >> both the storm and the government's response to it are expected to have a significant impact on tuesday's general -- general election. while president obama's handling has given him a boost. many struggled to recover. temperatures in new york have dropped to just below freezing. in neighboring new jersey, almost 1 million households are still without electricity. >> she is back at her new jersey home for the first time since the storm, but there is not -- but there's not much left of it. >> the only thing we had was the clothes on her back. not expecting to come back. nothing. >> many houses were destroyed by the storm were burned down. homeowners are rushing to stay ahead of the flooding. her mother is 77. her house is still standing, but she does not have electricity and temperatures are close to freedom -- are close to freezing. >> it is really terrible. in new jersey alone, nearly 1 million homes are without power. that is leading
, and definitely new england. a potent and dangerous storm system. many people here still recovering from sandy, which hit the area last week. keeping a very close eye on this on your wednesday. let's look over towards the other side of the world. here in that wen jiabao -- japan, we have heavy rainfall. in tokyo, 42 millimeters was reported in a one-hour span. now up towards hokkaido and the southern portions of hokkaido, 95 kilometer-per-hour winds was also recorded, so it shows the strong strength of this storm. now as it pushes off towards the east, hokkaido, you're expecting it to continue to linger throughout the remainder of the workweek. good news is that off towards the west and western japan, even across korea, we have this high pressure starting to work its way in. that's going to be bringing much fairer weather across much of the area. temperatures are going to be shaping up like this, though. beijing with a high of 11, chongqing at 14, and over here towards tokyo getting into the low 20s. now, looking at europe, we are watching a low-pressure that is moving across italy here, some
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5

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